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Here's how to find the inside scoop on Rainbows & Sunshine:

  • Twitch


Follow us on Twitch for live streams of soap making and other body product creation in real time. Viewer interaction encouraged, as bonus soaps are often created based on viewer selections and suggestions. Advanced notice of live streams can be found on Twitter from the link at the top of the page.

  • Facebook Social Icon


Follow us on Facebook to find information about local events where we'll be a vendor, as well as announcements about new products and any promotional contests which we may be running. Recordings of Twitch live streams of soapmaking are also linked here once they are available.

  • YouTube


For all videos (recordings of Twitch live streams, copies of TikTok uploads, and some bonus videos exclusive to the Youtube channel) subcribe to our Youtube channel. These videos are educational in nature, about soap in general and about the Rainbows & Sunshine processes.

  • Instagram


The beautiful product photos on this website aren't the only photos that we take! To see some sneak peeks of in-process products, the behind-the-scenes of the work area(s), and information on where Rainbows & Sunshine will be located for local craft fairs and shows, follow us on Instagram.

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