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Ivory Licorice Handmade soap

Ivory Licorice Handmade soap


Introducing "Ivory Licorice" Soap: A Sweet Symphony of Licorice in Every Bar!


Embark on a delightful journey of indulgence with "Ivory Licorice" Soap, where the captivating scent of licorice is elegantly captured in a pristine all-white bar. This exquisite soap is a celebration of the sweet and comforting allure of licorice.


A Licorice Lover's Dream: "Ivory Licorice" Soap is a sweet symphony that transports you to the nostalgic days of licorice candies and childhood delights. Each bar is infused with the rich and comforting scent of licorice.


Pure as Snow: The all-white appearance of "Ivory Licorice" Soap adds a touch of elegance and purity to your daily self-care routine. It's a soap that embodies simplicity and sophistication.


Luxurious Lather: As you lather up, "Ivory Licorice" Soap envelops you in a rich and creamy embrace. It cleanses and pampers your skin, leaving you with a feeling of sweet indulgence.


A Moment of Comfort: Allow the fragrance of licorice to envelop you, creating a soothing and comforting ambiance as you wash away the stresses of the day. It's a moment of self-care that warms the heart.


Cruelty-Free and Ethical: Our commitment to ethical practices ensures that "Ivory Licorice" Soap is crafted with respect for nature and cruelty-free principles. It's a reflection of our dedication to responsible self-care.


Indulge in the sweet allure of "Ivory Licorice" Soap, where the scent of licorice is elegantly captured in an all-white bar. Whether you're treating yourself or sharing the delight with loved ones, this soap is a reminder of the simple joys and sweet comforts that life has to offer, one wash at a time.


Soap is wrapped in an unbleached muslin bag.

Distilled Water

Coconut Oil

Avocado Oil

Shea Butter

Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)

Castor Oil

Anise Essential Oil**


** Essential Oils are Therapeutic Grade and Fragrance Free


PLEASE NOTE: This product cannot cure, treat or diagnose any disease or ailment. This product makes no claims to be able to do so.



Our soaps are handcrafted in small batches, and as such, each soap may be slightly different than the next. In particular, weight will vary from bar to bar and from recipe to recipe. We can approximate that each full bar will yield 4 oz, but cannot make any guarantees. We make every effort to adhere to this standard while maintaining the integrity of our products.

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