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Midnight  Deodorant
  • Midnight Deodorant


    Introducing "Midnight" Natural Deodorant: Agave Nectar Magic with Extra Strength and Glide!


    Unveil the captivating allure of "Midnight" Natural Deodorant, where the enchanting scent of Agave nectar meets extra-strength protection and unparalleled glide. This is not just a deodorant; it's your nightly ritual for freshness that lasts through the midnight hours.


    **Under the Moonlight**: "Midnight" Natural Deodorant is inspired by the mystique of moonlit evenings, casting a spell with its seductive Agave nectar fragrance. It's a delicate balance of sweetness and earthiness, bringing an air of sophistication to your nighttime routine.


    **Exceptional Strength**: While "Midnight" shares its Agave nectar scent with "Sunrise," it takes freshness to the next level with extra-strength protection. Our advanced formula keeps you confidently odor-free even during your most active or restful moments.


    **Buttery Glide**: What sets "Midnight" apart is its luxurious, buttery glide. The enhanced application allows for a seamless and comfortable experience, gliding effortlessly onto your skin for a soothing touch that lasts


    **Natural Goodness**: Just like its daytime counterpart, "Midnight" is crafted with a commitment to nature. It's free from harsh chemicals, ensuring it's gentle on your skin and the environment.


    **Cruelty-Free**: We take pride in our cruelty-free stance, assuring you that "Midnight" is not tested on animals and adheres to our commitment to ethical practices.


    Make "Midnight" Natural Deodorant your daily companion, where Agave nectar meets enhanced strength and glide. Elevate your evening self-care routine with this natural, extra-strength deodorant, and embrace the allure of the night with confidence.

    **WARNING: This product uses baking soda, which is a high PH ingredient. It is, in fact, higher PH than our bodies and thus, may result in a reaction during use. Please ensure that your body can handle the higher PH prior to ordering product, as refunds are not available for it. if you'd like a deodorant product that is free of baking soda, please see the Sunrise deodorant listing. 



    Fractionated Coconut Oil

    Coconut Oil

    Arrowroot Powder

    Modified Tapioca Starch

    Food Grade Beta Cyclodextrin

    Magnesium Hydroxide

    Baking Soda

    Stearyl Alcohol

    Zinc Ricinoleate

    Iota Carrageenan

    Unrefined Mango Butter
    Essential Oils

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