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Pocketwatch Handcrafted Soap

Pocketwatch Handcrafted Soap


Introducing "Pocketwatch" Soap: A Timeless Elegance Captured in Every Bar!


Step into a world of timeless elegance with "Pocketwatch" Soap, a sensory journey that transcends the ordinary. This remarkable soap embodies sophistication, leaving you with an air of refined charm and an aura of captivating mystery.


A Glimpse into the Past: "Pocketwatch" Soap evokes the grandeur of a bygone era, where intricate timepieces were cherished treasures. Each bar carries the essence of sophistication and a hint of intriguing allure. The scent of "Pocketwatch" Soap is an enigma, a symphony of aromatic notes that beckon the senses without revealing their secrets. It's a fragrance that leaves a lasting impression, much like an heirloom timepiece.


A Luxurious Lather: As you lather up, "Pocketwatch" Soap envelops you in a rich and creamy embrace. Its indulgent lather caresses your skin, cleansing and pampering in one exquisite moment.


Daily Refined Ritual: Elevate your daily shower or bath into a refined ritual. "Pocketwatch" Soap is the final touch that completes your grooming routine, leaving you feeling confident and impeccably groomed.


Crafted with Care: Our soap is meticulously crafted with care, ensuring that every bar is a masterpiece of quality and luxury. It's a testament to our dedication to offering you the very best.


Ethical and Responsible: We take pride in our ethical practices, respecting both nature and our customers. It's a reflection of our values and our commitment to delivering products that embody timeless elegance.


Experience the allure of "Pocketwatch" Soap, where sophistication meets mystery in every bar. Whether you're treating yourself or seeking the perfect gift, this soap captures the essence of timeless elegance, one wash at a time.


Soap is wrapped in an unbleached muslin bag.



Shea Butter

Distilled Water

Avocado Oil

Coconut Oil

Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)

Castor Oil


Brown Oxide

Orange Oxide



PLEASE NOTE: This product cannot cure, treat or diagnose any disease or ailment. This product makes no claims to be able to do so.



Our soaps are handcrafted in small batches, and as such, each soap may be slightly different than the next. In particular, weight will vary from bar to bar and from recipe to recipe. We can approximate that each full bar will yield 4 oz, but cannot make any guarantees. We make every effort to adhere to this standard while maintaining the integrity of our products.

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