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SOAPrise stream soap set

SOAPrise stream soap set


If you follow the Twitch Channel (, you already know that I sometimes take viewer selections/suggestions and create a totally custom bar of soap on the spot during a live stream. All of these soaps are guided by me so that they are still safe for use and of the utmost quality- they just have a little flair from all of you added in!

By purchasing from this listing, you'll be receiving two randomly-chosen bars of soap out of the pool of soaps that were created solely from Twitch viewers' input. If you've had a hand in these streams, you may even receive a bar that you helped to create! You will also be receiving a randomly-chosen sample-size lip balm in one of the flavors that I do carry in my shop. 

Please note that, while I do keep recipes of each of the soaps created, I do not intend to duplicate any of these particular recipes intentionally or offer them for sale as a regular product in my shop. These are singularly available here as a Twitch supporter exclusive; once a specific bar has sold out, it's gone. The SOAPrise soaps will not be given individual names. 


By purchasing this set, 50% of the profit will be going into a pool from which I will draw as needed to keep the stream running. Without your support, this would not be possible!

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